Pine Mountain Fires Don't Reach Park Lodging

Mar 18, 2014


Three separate weekend fires on land at Pine Mountain State Park caused damage to timber, but not to resort lodging facilities.  A lodge and cottages are located on the Bell County property.  State Parks Department Spokesman Gil Lawson says the fires are not expected to impact the spring schedule.

  "There's plenty of hiking trails, plenty of scenery there.  We have the annual Mountain Laurel festival that we're part of every Memorial Day weekend in May," said Lawson.

 Lawson says fires did burn timber close to two cottages.  He says they were evacuated, but did not suffer any damage from the wildfire.  State police are investigating.  "We do not the exact cause of the fires at this time.  I leave that to state police to deal with," added Lawson. Lawson says the Pine Mountain Park manager doesn't expect the fire loss of timber to hinder any springtime activities at the southern Kentucky site.​