Pill Mill Revisions Possible

Jan 28, 2013

Within a few weeks, the Kentucky General Assembly could modify the new ‘Pill Mill’ law.  It was intended to help crack down on improperly run pain clinics, but some health care professionals complain it’s too cumbersome.  Dave Hopkins, who oversees the state’s prescription drug monitoring program, agrees one of the law’s provisions is probably not necessary.

“The controlled substances administered to a patient in a hospital really can’t be diverted.  They’re not gonna be diverted because it’s actually being administered.  So I think that’s an adjustment in house bill one, probably the only one that I’m aware of that needs to be changed, or my opinion we need to see that changed,” said Hopkins.

Van Ingram, who directs the Kentucky Office of Drug Control Policy, believes the new law works well.  He says the vast majority of pain clinics shut down on their own.  Ingram says another eight have applied to the state for new permits.