Pharmacy Talks Between Midway College and the University of Charleston

Jan 11, 2012

Midway College may team up with the University of Charleston to offer a pharmacy program in eastern Kentucky.  Although not finalized, the two schools have signed a letter of intent to allow the West Virginia school to locate a branch at Midway’s Paintsville campus.  Dr William Drake, President at Midway, says the proposal will be reviewed over the next two months.

“It became apparent to us that we should approach a partner like the University of Charleston that is in Appalachia, currently offering pharmacy work with us in establishing this school in eastern Kentucky,” said Drake.

William Drake says, if given final approval, a number of instructors would re-locate from Charleston to Paintsville.

“The professors would be the University of Charleston’s faculty and employees..They would be delivering their accredited program..with their staff…both staff and faculty..on our campus in Paintsville,” added Drake.

If all goes well, some 50 students could be enrolled in pharmacy classes by this time next year.