Perryville Battle Commemoration this Weekend

Sep 30, 2011

This weekend hundreds of re-enactors, speakers, and vendors will make their way to Perryville for the 149th commemoration of the largest Civil War battle to ever take place in Kentucky.  Program coordinator Joan House says the idea is to give people just a hint of the devastation that befell the town in the fall of 1862.

"Per capita, as far as wounded, this battle was five hours and within five hours they killed and wounded 7,500 men. That is one of the highest ratios of killed and wounded in all of the Civil War battles. So, Perryville was an intense, bloody struggle."

House says the Battle of Perryville represented a turning point in the War Between The States.

"Well for Kentucky this battle kind of decided the Civil War for all Kentuckians. It really basically lost the state for the Confederacy. Although Perryville was a tactical field victory, they were so outnumbered here by the Union forces that they weren't really able to maintain the battlefield and eventually had to withdraw from the state."

In addition to battle re-enactments, visitors can tour the museum, browse booths, engage in some ghost-hunting, and listen to a panel of experts discuss the Civil War in Kentucky. The Perryville battlefield opens this Saturday and Sunday morning at 9.