Pence Protesters Sound Off Outside Lexington Business

Jul 13, 2017

Dozens of protesters in Lexington braved the sun and heat Wednesday during Vice President Mike Pence’s visit with local business representatives.  

Most of the raised signs and wide variety of chants carried messages related to healthcare. 

People carrying signs with messages like ‘"Keep your politics out of my healthcare," "ACA saves lives," and "People not profits’"began gathering outside Bryant’s Rent-All an hour and a half before the vice president’s long motorcade pulled in. 

Marty Harper is concerned about protecting Planned Parenthood funding.

“Women’s issues are a world issue.  They sort of provide life, so I would think that would be the most important fundamental issue is how best do we preserve life.” Said Harper.

Among the group that peaked at about 150 were a few Pence supporters.

Noah Nicholas is a college freshman who came hoping to hear the vice president speak, but was able only to get as far as the protesters outside the business.

“I do believe healthcare should be affordable for everyone but I am not for socialized healthcare.  I think we should have it cheaper and make it affordable for everybody,” Nicholas said.

Those protesting positioned themselves behind barricades and along Red Mile Road for more than three hours.  While some people booed when Pence arrived, most didn’t see him leave as he headed back to the airport by a different route.