Peace Through Conflict Resolution

Dec 17, 2012

With the funerals underway of 26 shooting victims in Connecticut, Kentuckians have joined the nation in grief.   Many are also seeking an end to gun violence.   For Richard Mitchell with the Central Kentucky Council for Peace and Justice says a priority is removing semi-automatic weapons from the hands of young people.   Mitchell says more American students must learn how to resolve differences without violence.

“We certainly and we’re about this already in trying to teach non violent conflict resolution to kids.  We would like to expand our program on doing that,” said Mitchell.

Mitchell says such exercises in conflict resolution typically involve ‘lots of role playing.’  He says an entire weekend program is often needed to teach such techniques. 

“It’s certainly in many situations having one or two people in the room, on the scene who know that there are other ways to deal with conflict, that we don’t have to pull a gun. Certainly we don’t need to pull anything,” said Mitchell.

Mitchell helped organize a candlelight vigil in Lexington to mourn the victims of Friday’s shootings at a Connecticut school.