Payraises, New Image, Beautification Effort Unveiled For Eastern Kentucky University

Aug 14, 2013

EKU President Michael Benson
Credit Eastern Kentucky University

Employees of Eastern Kentucky University will receive their first salary increases in several years.  During his first Fall Convocation, EKU President Michael Benson announced a 2.5% pay hike, effective October 1st.  

"Would I have liked it to have been higher? Would we have liked it to have been higher? Sure, absolutely. But this is a start.  This is a start on our part to say to you thank you for what you do for the institution,” said Benson. 

Besides the across-the-board increase, Benson will also re-institute a system for merit-based pay increases.  Plus, he’s ordered a study into pay compression.  The new EKU president says the trend has depressed university salaries nationwide. EKU underwent a re-organization over the summer that cut its workforce by almost 200 positions and netted $19-million in savings.