Paul Opposes Funds for Disaster Assistance

The US Senate passed a temporary spending bill that averts a government shutdown this weekend, but they did it without help from Kentucky Senator Rand Paul.  One senator likened the deal to a “magic” happening at the last minute. Now the government will have its coffers refilled. This budget fight hinged on whether to pay for federal disaster assistance immediately after an emergency or put off those payments until a later date. 

That issue wasn’t resolved in the compromise deal, but the Federal Emergency Management Agency now gets a new traunch of money to respond to recent disasters. Nevertheless, the stop gap spending bill was opposed by Republican Senator Rand Paul.

“And so I can’t vote for funding that doesn’t eventually balance the budget,” said Paul.

Even if the House approves the Senate bill, the government will only be funded through the middle of November, setting the stage for another battle this fall that could result in a government shutdown.