Paul Moves to Kill Clear Air Rules

Kentucky Republican Rand Paul is forcing the Senate to vote today to block new pollution regulations from going into effect on the East Coast. The Environmental Protection Agency says particles from Kentucky’s coal fired power plants are spreading illnesses in neighboring states and even causing deaths. To combat the cross-border pollution the EPA is forcing twenty seven eastern states, including Kentucky, to drastically cut their emissions. Paul says the new rules will cost businesses more than two billion dollars and he says Kentucky air is already clean enough.

“Well, I think we already have utility regulations and that we shouldn’t increase them when the current ones are working,” said Paul.  

But Paul is getting resistance – even from within his own party. Lamar Alexander from neighboring Tennessee supports delaying the new EPA rule for a year, but he says Paul’s legislation goes too far.

“We don’t want our Smoky Mountains to be called the “great Smoggy Mountains,” we don’t want our infants to be sicker,” said Alexander.

Paul garnered enough signatures from his colleagues to force Democrats to hold a vote on the measure, even though they strongly oppose his effort to block new clean air standards.