Paul, Mitch Back Budget Amendment

Kentucky’s Republican senators are joining forces with the rest of their conference and are planning to force a vote on a balanced budget amendment. Freshman Kentucky Senator Rand Paul says the nation’s more than fourteen trillion dollars in debt poses more of a risk to the U-S than terrorists.

“It is the number one threat to our country, is the national debt,” said Paul.

Amending the Constitution takes sixty seven votes in the Senate, and not a single Democrat has signed onto the proposal. But without a balanced budget amendment Paul says he doesn’t trust lawmakers to show spending restraint.  

“I firmly believe we will not ever surmount our fiscal problems until we amend the Constitution. We must have a balanced budget amendment and I hope the Democrats will join us,” said Paul.

Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky announced he’ll use a procedural move to force a vote on the measure by the full Senate during the week of July eighteenth.