Paul at Conservative Political Action Conference

Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul received an enthusiastic welcome at this week’s Conservative Political Action Conference...with some audience members even urging him to run for national office.  After a day of hearing conservatives repeat much of the same rhetoric this crowd loved the message brought by Senator Paul. He rhetorically asked if President Obama hates rich people for his administration’s repeated attempts to raise taxes on the wealthy.

 “Now I have another question. Another question for the president. Do you hate poor people? Or do you just hate poor people with jobs?”

Paul didn’t just take it the president though. He also lashed out at his fellow Republicans who he says need to fight harder to cut federal spending. 

“Even our party has yet to grasp the significance and the imminence of this coming debt crisis. It’s coming.”

Kentucky’s senior senator Mitch McConnell was well received by this crowd earlier in the day. But as the Senate Minority Leader many people here don’t trust him, such as Lexington, Kentucky resident Kevin Donovan. 

“McConnell is establishment, beltway politician. Been there. He makes some great points, but we’re tired of the deals.”

As for Paul’s future? Many here want to see him climb to the national stage. Adam Prasch is college student in Indiana who is wearing a Ron Paul for President sticker. He says the senator may have a better chance at winning a GOP presidential primary than his father.

“I think Rand Paul is a more mainstream Republican and I think he can connect more with Republican voters.”

For now Paul is active learning the ropes in the Senate and trying to change the debate and the spending habits at the Capitol.