Parking Prices and Spaces

Dec 14, 2012

One day, motorists in downtown Lexington may be asked to pump coins into street side parking meters at night.  Currently, downtown parking at all meters is free after five p-m.  By charging a fee, Lexington Parking Authority Director Gary Means says the city can open up more spaces in the evening.  “Parking is a supply and demand issue and so if the demand becomes so great that some of the merchants start seeing, ‘hey there’s people parking in front of my bar, my restaurant all night long and they never move and Gary, what can we do about that?  Then, we would start to look at enforcement,” said Means.

However, Means adds, there are no plans to implement such a change in metering in the near future.  If put in place, not all downtown meters would require a fee at night.  He says specific blocks, where evening traffic is heavy, would be targeted.

The search for a parking spot in downtown Lexington could be a bit easier this summer.  In city garages, new technology will track empty parking spots and alert motorists when there’s no vacancy. Besides street-level signs, Lexington Parking Authority Director Gary Means says the information could also be sent to some ‘smart phones.’

“If you saw a block ahead, that this one is full, you might change lanes and decide to go to another facility ahead of time instead of getting right to the entrance and then realizing it’s full,” added Means.

Means says the Authority had planned to begin repairs on the Victorian Square Parking structure in late spring.  However, work nearby at the Hilton Hotel garage has prompted a postponement at Victorian Square.