Parking Garage Transfer Vote Scheduled Tonight

Feb 16, 2012

Repairs in Lexington on four city owned parking garages could begin this summer.  But first, the city council must transfer those garages to Lexington’s Parking Authority.  A discussion, and possibly a vote, could take place Thursday evening.  Parking Authority Director Gary Means says garage and parking meter revenues would fund the work.

“We would be able to put money into new lighting..things that would be better for customers.. and better for downtown parking…help people find garages..right now sometimes you can’t even see where they are…because there is not perpendicular signage..we’ve got a lot of ideas about enhancements..after the safety first…comes first,” said Means.

The deal, as proposed, would also levy fees on some newly hired and transferred city employees who park in those garages.   However, General Services Commissioner Sally Hamilton says most council members oppose the idea.

“They think that parking needs to be free for all employees.. whether you come in…you know…they know it’s going to be free for those existing, but whether you were transferred in or whether you were a new hire, it needs to be free parking,” said Hamilton.

If given the go ahead, Means says work could first begin on the Annex and Victorian structures, with repairs at the Transit and Courthouse garages to follow. Once complete, the parking authority director says it would manage some 32-hundred paid parking spaces in garages and on the street.