Paris Air Show Features Newcomers, New Technology

Jun 20, 2011
Originally published on June 20, 2011 1:40 pm
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Eleanor Beardsley reports.

ELEANOR BEARDSLEY: Every two years, the once humble air field where Charles Lindbergh touched down after his first transatlantic flight is transformed into a massive showcase for the world's most advanced flying technology.


BEARDSLEY: For the first time, a Chinese passenger plane manufacturer has set up a booth. Beijing clearly hopes to establish a beachhead in a market long dominated by European and North American companies. But some things at the air show never change, like the duel between the titans of commercial aviation - Airbus and Boeing. This year, after years of delays, Boeing has brought its 787 Dreamliner to wow the crowds. And Airbus is hoping to score big with its upgraded, more fuel efficient, version of the A320, says Robert Wall, international editor at Aviation Week.

ROBERT WALL: They call it the NEO, the New Engine Option. And a clear focus for Airbus has been to make a huge splash with the NEO in terms of booking orders.

BEARDSLEY: For NPR News, I'm Eleanor Beardsley in Paris. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.