Over 50,000 ‘In God We Trust’ Plates Sold

May 17, 2011

FRANKFORT – Over 50,000 standard-issue license plates with the national motto “In God We Trust” have been sold since the plate was introduced in January. This year, for the first time, Kentucky motorists registering passenger vehicles are able to choose between two standard-issue license plates. Both feature the “Unbridled Spirit” brand, but one plate also bears the national motto, “In God We Trust.”

Both plates are available in county clerk offices for the standard-issue fee of $21 each. Unlike a special license plate, there is no extra fee for a standard-issue plate.

Sales of the “In God We Trust” plate thus far in 2011 totaled 50,261 at the close of business on Friday, May 13. That was about 15 percent of new standard-issue plates purchased. Sales of the other “Unbridled Spirit” plate stood at 275,459.

The Legislature, through KRS Chapter 186, has given the Transportation Cabinet responsibility for registration and regulation of motor vehicles.

The statute sets minimum requirements for a standard-issue plate – the Kentucky name, county name, three letters and three digits – but does not dictate design. It has been five years since Kentucky’s last license plate design change.