Opposition to Latest Expanded Gambling Surfaces

Nov 25, 2013

Credit bloodhorse.com

Just a week after a Louisville lawmaker pre-field expanded gaming legislation, opposition to it is already starting to take shape. Stan Cave is a former Republican House member and an attorney for the anti-gaming Family Foundation. He says that recent expanded gaming bills from Democratic Rep. Larry Clark do little to protect the thoroughbred industry, and would pave the way for casino interests to control Kentucky politics.

“As the casinos achieve greater and greater political influence and political power because they have the money to do so, through campaign contributions and participation through elections, they will work to make the slice of the pie for the racing industry smaller and smaller over time,” said Cave.

Cave says Clark’s legislation also reflects an expected rise in criminal activity due to what he says are a hundred pages dedicated to new criminal statutes in the bills. Republican leaders in the House and Senate have yet to offer comment on Clark’s bills.  Sponsor Larry Clark contends his legislation would raise an estimated $286 million in tax revenue.