Open GOP Convention Benefits Paul Candidacy

Mar 23, 2012

Kentucky’s importance in the presidential campaign could be growing.  With the G-O-P still divided over a nominee, U-S Senator Rand Paul says Kentucky’s May primary could be decisive.  The Republican’s father, Congressman Ron Paul, is among the contenders.  If they deny frontrunner Mitt Romney a majority of delegates, Senator Paul says his dad’s influence improves.

“That’s what we would like to see, is a convention where people, if my father has 150 delegates at the convention, and, let’s say, Governor Romney’s 150 delegates short, I think that makes Ron Paul’s opinions more important and I think they listen to him more in crafting the platform and the direction of the party,” said Senator Paul.

The Senator says his father remains strong among Kentucky’s young people and independents.  He offered no word on whether Ron Paul will make another trip to the Commonwealth.   Paul made a stop today in Richmond. Also this week, presidential candidate Rick Santorum began recruiting volunteers and soliciting campaign contributions in the Commonwealth.