Officials Urge Responsible Celebrations

Mar 28, 2012

Championship-level celebrations often have a way of getting out of hand, and city, county, and campus authorities say they have a plan in place to make sure the Wildcat faithful show their team spirit in a safe and respectable manner.UK Police Chief Joe Monroe says it will take a team effort to stop revelers from engaging in dangerous behavior.

“We’re going to have a good time, but we are also going to have a responsible time and if something happens it will be dealt with.”

Lexington Police Commander Kelli Edwards says, if past is indeed prologue, officers will be on the watch for situations that may escalate in the blink of an eye.

“That includes aggressive behavior toward other individuals, setting fires, damage to vehicles or other property, throwing objects, climbing up on things, or excessive alcohol consumption that may present a medical emergency.”

In addition to increased foot patrols, traffic and parking control will be installed on South Limestone, as well as the intersection of Woodland and Euclid where thousands are expected to congregate should the Wildcats win on Saturday, as well as Monday night. 

"We’re going to restrict parking on the 300 block of Limestone, Euclid Avenue, and also on Woodland Avenue at around five o’clock on both of those days on Saturday and Monday we will have all those spots marked and we will be removing those vehicles to ensure the safety of everybody in those areas if need be", said Lexington Police Commander Mike Blanton.

UK Police Chief Joe Monroe says anyone who observes violent or dangerous behavior can now report that electronically.

“…such as our twitter account or our facebook.  We also have an anonymous tip-line that somebody can go to our police department web page and shoot us an anonymous tip and it’ll go right live to us.”

If the Wildcats advance to the championship game, the same plans will be implemented for Monday night.