Office of Blind Seeks Needs Comments

Jul 4, 2011

Visually impaired Kentuckians face obvious obstacles.  Adding to the potential problems is access to technology and transportation. Cora McNabb of the state Office for the Blind says they’re likely to re-appear on the next needs assessment.

“Probably the number one need is the area of technology for individuals because they use assistive technology in so much of what they do.  And then transportation, to and from, meeting the daily meeting needs is always something that comes out of needs assessment,” said McNabb.

As many as 47-thousand Kentuckians have some form of visual impairment. McNabb says information from the meetings will help make decisions in areas like job training and employment.

“Employment you know, for all of us, often defines who we are, so we want to make sure that the individuals that we work with have access to employment and that upward career movement,” said McNabb.

Public meetings are scheduled this month in Lexington and Louisville to identify those needs.