Occupy Through the Holidays

Dec 18, 2011

While protesters in other parts of the country have been asked to move along, ‘Occupy Lexington’ remains in position on a short stretch of sidewalk just off Main Street.  Members of the protest movement expect to be there throughout the holidays and well into 20-12.

On this cool December day, Maronah (mah-RON-ah) Steena was snuggled in a sleeping bag and quilts in a flexible chair under a shielded canopy.

“This is my bed man…this is awesome…this is my bed,” said Steena.

Steena came to Lexington a few weeks ago after participating in the ‘Occupy San Francisco’ movement.

“Well, I have family that lives in Paris…and I came here for the holidays….but I figured I’d occupy while I was here…because occupying is what I do,” added Steena.

Steena worries her little sister and child will ‘never have a future if this movement doesn’t succeed.”  Steena says it’s getting harder and harder to find a job.

Bob Young, who’s originally from Massachusetts, has been homeless for about two years.  Young admits their protest site gives him a place to be, but he’s also in tune with the message.

“People should be able to become rich if they want to, but it’s the one out of 100 thousand what ever it is that have to have everything… they’re not satisfied being filthy rich…they’ve got to have everything,” said Young.

Isiah Hall of Lexington says many supporters of the “Occupy” movement oppose corporate greed.  Hall says the connection between corporations and politicians could be broken if citizens played a bigger part in building government budgets.

“And it would actually be a budget made from the people..that would benefit the people as well,” explained Hall.

None of these “Occupy” protesters worry police will break up their encampment.  Hall envisions a few hardy supporters keeping the site active through the winter months with a resurgence of people coming in the spring.