NPR In The News

Originally published on November 19, 2012 1:33 pm

The news, issues and events NPR covers often prompt conversations. By the same token, our organization's work – and company decisions – also put us in the spotlight. We've gathered up a sampling of recent must-reads related to NPR; look for this to become a daily feature of the blog.

Columbia Journalism Review: Remembering Leroy Sievers as one of the first journalists to write about his disease.

NPR's Andy Carvin is a Top Tweeter, says AFP and TIME's list of the 140 best feeds (vote YES for Andy).

WSJ: Liberal bias at NPR? Morning Edition host Steve Inskeep shares his view.

NYT: A defense for federal funding for public broadcasting, from NPR Member station WNYC.

AOL's Daily Finance: A look at NPR's bottom line.

WaPo: NPR Music's influence on the music biz, totes and all.

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