Now It's 'Bronx Zoo Peacock' Who Is On The Loose

May 11, 2011

Fans of the "Bronx Zoo Cobra," who became something of a trending topic on Twitter back in March when she went missing for a while, will want to know that there's now a "Bronx Zoo Peacock" on the loose.

Since getting out of the zoo on Monday, the bird's been spotted — but not caught — a few blocks away.

And like the cobra, the peahen is supposedly tweeting (and apparently chose to be known as Bronx Zoo Peacock because that's easier for followers to remember; unless, perhaps, she's also a bit confused gender-wise).

She's got a bit of attitude:

-- "Seriously, I'm sick of all these pigeons strutting around like they own this city."

-- "Bronx Zoo couldn't contain all of my fabulousness. Not even their nets could keep me down."

-- " 'We'll get her eventually,' Nancy Clum, the zoo's curator of ornithology, told the Daily News. // That's what you think, lady"

Bronx Zoo Cobra feels betrayed:

"Seriously, peacock!? We agreed we'd go tomorrow at dawn!"

Officials tell New York's Daily News that peafowl roam freely at the zoo and do occasionally wander. They aren't dangerous.

She's described, by the way, as being "about 3 feet long" with a head that's "crowned with a flamboyant green plume." Copyright 2011 National Public Radio. To see more, visit