NOH8 Campaign Coming to Lexington

Mar 19, 2012

Photographers will be in Lexington for a unique of photo shoot Tuesday night.  It’s part of the national NOH8 campaign; a social media phenomenon spawned by people opposed to California’s Proposition 8 ballot initiative which prohibited same-sex couples from marrying. Craig Cammack, with Lexington Fairness, says his organization was able to get the group to come to Kentucky because of its desire to get more Kentucky cities to pass fairness ordinances.

“It’s the opportunity for Kentuckians to come out and show their support of equality and fairness in opposition to discrimination in Kentucky both for marriage, but also as you may know,  there’s only three cities in Kentucky;  Covington, Lexington, and Louisville where LGBT citizens are protected against discrimination.”

The NOH8 movement was started by Jeff Parshley and Adam Bouska more than three years ago as an artistic way of showing opposition to Prop 8.  Since then their group has recruited nearly 20,000 men, women, and children; some of them celebrities, to have their picture taken with a piece of duct tape across their mouths and NOH8 facial tattoos.

Cammack says he expects hundreds to show up to the Lexington event.

“Reservations aren’t needed; it’s first-come, first-serve.  Anyone wanting to do it will need to fill out basically a model release form because the image will be used on the website for people to see.  You just come in, do the shoot, it’s recommend that you wear white because the photos do have a very high-key, stark look with white background, and white shirt so the eyes, duct tape, and tattoo really pop in the image.”

Photographers will take group and individual shots at the Downtown Lexington Hilton Tuesday night from 5 to 8.  There is a $40 sitting fee for individuals; group participants pay $25 each.   Additional information is available at