No Savings in Low Voter Turnout

Voter turnout in Madison County today is expected in the eight to nine percent range.  With 52-thousand registered voters, those are anemic numbers. They come as no surprise to County Clerk Kenny Barger, who is more concerned about cost.

“It costs the county the same amount of money to put this election on if we have 100 percent turnout or one percent turnout, so the money’s being spent, the voters aren’t utilizing their rights to use their voice,” says Barger.

Barger puts the cost to Madison County at about 50-thousand dollars.  He understands why voter turnout is low.

“Part of the reason the turnout is so low is because it’s a primary, you know we have several opposed positions on the ticket, there’s not a lot of hype generated for these races, people are just aren’t interested,” said Barger.

A quick count of absentee votes Tuesday morning told Barger all he needed to know about voter turnout.  The figure is down fifty percent from the primary election four years ago.