No Earthquake Damage Reported in Kentucky

Aug 23, 2011

An earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 5.9, according to CNN, struck Washington, D.C. shortly before 2 p.m. Tuesday. There were no injuries and only minor damage has been reported. The quake was felt in Eastern Kentucky, a Lee County resident said. The quake's epicenter was in Northern Virginia and it was felt up and down the East Coast, CNN reported.

 "A bunch of us were sitting around a table talking," Edmund Shelby, editor of the Beattyville Enterprise newspaper in Eastern Kentucky's Lee County, said. "All of a sudden the table started shaking. And we said 'We're having an earthquake.'

"We could feel it in our bodies. It was strange."

A resident of Lawrence County, along the Kentucky-West Virginia line, also reported feeling the quake.

Buildings in Washington, including the Pentagon, were evacuated, CNN reported. Some cell phone service was apparently knocked out in New York. The quake was also reported in Philadelphia, near Boston, Cleveland and as far west as Toronto.

Ceiling tiles fell at a Washington, D.C. airport and National Cathedral in Washington also reported minor damage. At the Pentagon, a water pipe broke, CNN reported.