No Decision On Fire Chief's Claim

Jul 13, 2011

Embattled Lexington Fire Chief Robert Hendricks will have to wait a while longer to learn whether he will receive a disability pension from the city. On Wednesday, the Lexington Police and Fire pension board said it needed clarification regarding discrepancies between the two medical evaluation reports presented to the panel. By law, Hendricks is required to be evaluated by two physicians before the board can vote to approve or deny his application.

Board member Tommy Puckett, a retired police officer, says the panel isn't comfortable moving forward without all the answers."We have a specific set of questions that we ask each one of them. And we ask them to answer those questions. Some of them do, some of them don't; or they think they are answering them and they're not up to our standards. So we ask for clarification. We do that all the time."In the meantime, Hendricks remains on paid leave pending the outcome of his disability application. Lexington Mayor Jim Gray sought to relieve the chief of his duties in late February, citing poor budget stewardship, a lack of leadership, and low division morale.