No Change in Franchise Fee Suggested

Mar 25, 2013

Unlike last year, a proposed increase in the franchise fee levied by local government in Lexington on utilities is not on the table.  The cost of those fees, which are paid by water, natural gas and electric companies, are often passed onto consumers.   The fees should remain unchanged, but city attorney David Barberie says it’s not set in concrete.

 “And it could happen really at any point in time, if they go ahead at set it at three percent, if two years from now they want to raise it four percent then they could do it at that point,” said Barberie. Last year, hoping to cover the cost of street lights, the city considered a fee increase.    However, a formal request never came to the council.  Lexington’s mayor is now preparing a budget proposal.  It will be presented to the council on April 9th.