'Nice To Live In A Free Country,' Gingrich Says After Getting 'Glittered'

May 18, 2011

Saying that Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich needs to "feel the rainbow ... stop the hate, stop anti-gay politics!" a protester showered the former House speaker and his wife with glitter Tuesday at a book-signing in Minneapolis.

Gingrich took it in stride, saying "it's nice to live in a free country" as he swept away some of the glitter.

The protester was quickly removed from the room.

That may not have been the toughest part of the Georgia Republican's day. As Politico writes, "Gingrich is urgently struggling to convince the political class that his 2012 hopes aren't dead, amid an unending barrage of Republican attacks over his comments on the House GOP's proposed Medicare overhaul."

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