Next Generation Student Council Named

Jan 27, 2012

For the first time, a group of eleven high school students will formally have access to Kentucky’s Board of Education.  The members of the Commonwealth’s inaugural Next-Generation Student Council were named today.   State Department of Education spokeswoman, Lisa Gross says the aim is to get an up close student view of the classroom.

“What we want is to hear from these students…what’s happening in the realm of high school education..what they see as positives…what are the negatives…what needs to be fixed..where they would like to see high schools moving in the next few years,” said Gross.

Lisa Gross says some of the student council’s suggestions could find their way into the classroom.

“I do think that there could be some items that could impact exactly what’s happening in the classroom…this agency doesn’t really have the authority to direct very specific classroom activities, but we can share what these students are sharing with us and taut those as best practices if that’s what they turn out to be,” added Gross.

The names of the first Next Generation Student Council members were released today by the State Department of Education.   Their first meeting is February 28th.