Next Up: Ben Chandler and Andy Barr

Nov 9, 2011

When Democrats last night celebrated their victory in Frankfort, the master-of-ceremonies was US Representative Ben Chandler.  With Chandler facing a rematch next year with GOP challenger and Tea Party favorite Andy Barr, the Congressman’s appearance before the party faithful was no accident.  Political scientist Joe Gershtenson says Chandler should take no comfort in yesterday’s Democratic successes.

“Probably not going to read too much into these results in terms of reflection on congressional races next year, particularly when you have the presidential race at the top of the ballot,” said Gershtenson.

Gershtenson, who teaches as Eastern Kentucky University, predicts Republicans will again make the race about national politics.

“You have President Obama running for re-election.  Republicans running at that time will almost certainly try to nationalize the race.”

As for Chandler, Gershtenson says he’ll most likely avoid having his photograph taken alongside President Obama.  University of Kentucky political scientist Joe Voss agrees Chandler will continue to portray himself as a safe, middle-of-the-road candidate.