New Veteran License Plate Available

Jul 16, 2012

FRANKFORT – Kentuckians can show their support for veterans with newly available vehicle license plates. “Kentuckians are proud of our veterans, and many will want to display that message of support in a visible way,” Gov. Steve Beshear said in a statement issued by his office. The new plates – available even to those who are not veterans themselves – show support for veterans and also raise funds for veterans programs.

“The ‘I Support Veterans’ license plate will give an opportunity for all Kentuckians who wish to support veterans' services to do so, and to show that support by putting this license plate on their vehicle,” Rep. Tanya Pullin, who chairs the House Committee on Veterans, Military Affairs and Public Safety, said. “I was pleased to have sponsored the bill in the 2011 Session of the Kentucky General Assembly that created this special plate. It will create additional revenue to be used by the Kentucky Department of Veterans Affairs to serve veterans in Kentucky.”

Kentucky Department of Veterans Affairs Commissioner Ken Lucas said the new license plates were designed in response to citizens’ interest in supporting veterans.

“Many people over the years have asked us for a license plate that expresses their support for veterans even though they themselves do not qualify for veterans’ license plates. We worked hard to come up with a design that would express that sentiment appropriately, and are grateful for the help and cooperation of the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet in making this plate a reality,” Lucas said. “We are particularly indebted to Rep. Pullin and other legislators for shepherding this law through and ensuring that KDVA would receive a portion of the fee of each Support Veterans license plate purchased. Those funds will enable us to keep programs that help veterans directly, including filing benefit claims, getting help finding jobs, maintaining their homes, and accessing other services.”

In addition to working with veterans to help them obtain the state and federal benefits they have earned, the Kentucky Department of Veterans Affairs also operates three veteran nursing homes in Wilmore, Hazard and Hanson, and veterans cemeteries in Hopkinsville, Radcliff, Williamstown and Greenup County. Veterans’ benefits field representatives serve veterans locally in 17 field offices throughout the state. KDVA is also planning a new veterans nursing home in Radcliff and a new veterans cemetery in Leslie County.

“It gives our department great pride and pleasure to help make plates available to the citizens of the Commonwealth that honor veterans,” Department of Vehicle Regulation Commissioner Tom Zawacki said in a news release.