New Threats to Kentucky Trees

Apr 30, 2012

Two insects continue to plague Ash and Hemlock trees across Kentucky.  The fight focuses on the Emerald Ash Borer and the Hemlock Woolly Adelgid.  State Forester Leah MacSwords says these bugs were likely transported from abroad into the U-S.  McSwords says they’re now looking for a bug that will eat those insects now damaging Ash and Hemlock trees.

“They look for bugs that will destroy the dangerous ones..but without becoming a problem themselves,” said MacSwords.

There’s also a new threat to Kentucky’s woodlands.   Leah MacSwords says a disease has moved into some forests just south of the state line.

“Some of the threats that are on the horizon…the Thousand Canker  Disease that’s been found across our borders in Tennessee…and thousand cankcors affects our Walnut trees and we have a very robust walnut market,” added MacSwords.

Currently, MacSwords says they have no counter measure for Thousand Canker Disease. Research, though, continues into pesticides and predator insects that can help protect Kentucky’s Ash and Hemlock trees