New School Lexington's Greenest

 With not one, but two water collection systems, sloped-ceiling classroom designs to incorporate both solar and natural lighting, an outdoor classroom and garden space, Wellington Elementary Principal Meribeth Gaines says the five hundred or so students that will soon call this place home, will be surrounded with daily lessons on sustainability.It's being billed as Fayette County's most energy efficient and sustainable elementary school building, and on Monday, administrators, teachers, and volunteers took time out to show off the new Wellington Elementary School.

"Stewardship, taking care of the environment and conserving is a life skill, not just for kids but these are future adults. So we feel like that this is just an ongoing learning for them and hope that it would provide a model and a way of mentoring them for behaviors that they would continue in the future."

Even the kids who took time out of their waning summer vacation to tour the place say they can't wait to come to such a "cool school".