New Public Hearing Format for Homelessness Discussion

Aug 13, 2012

A public hearing format new to many in Lexington is being held to consider issues related to homelessness.  It’s called ‘Open Space’ and involves constructive group discussion on a public issue.  The ‘Open Space’ program is scheduled from nine a.m. until 4:30 Saturday August 25th at Calvary Baptist Church.  The meeting is sponsored by the Mayor’s Commission on Homelessness.  Under the ‘Open Space’ format, the agenda is not set in advance.  The Commission’s meeting will be centered on the question, ‘What should our community think about, know about, and do in order to best address the opportunities and challenges presented by homelessness?’

   The event will start with a general conversation and then break into small groups to discuss issues further.  At the end of the day, the small groups will share their results with the entire group.  The Commission’s first meeting is set this Wednesday at three o clock at the city’s Phoenix Building.