New Pacing Device

Jan 12, 2012

New technologies in pace making could reduce the need for some open heart operations in the years ahead.  So says Lexington electrophysiologist,  Dr Gery Tomassoni who’s worked with the ‘Unify Quadra.’  The cardiac device features four electrodes on the end of a pacing lead.  He says it can significantly improve ‘quality of life’ in heart patients.

“A significant number of these patients…their actual measurements of how the heart pumps gets better over time…and that usually translates into living longer..if the muscle strains get stronger..these patients will live much longer,” said Tomassoni.

The electrophysiologist says the ‘Unify Quadra’ can help strengthen the heart muscle.

“About 75 percent of these patients can actually do very well and don’t need the additional procedures such as cardiac transplant or left ventricle assist device,” added Tomassoni.

Morehead retiree, John Mayo received the cardiac defibrillator in 2010 as part of a clinical trial at Lexington’s Central Baptist Hospital.

“But my heart starts to lose some of its rhythm..and they switch it..fine tune it and keep it going. And you can tell it when you get doing more things than you’ve done before..and you feel alright..I guess that’s how they do it…I guess,” said Mayo.

U-S Food and Drug Administration approval came in November.  That opened the door for the device to be implanted into patients at various hospitals.