New Noise Regs in Lexington

May 19, 2011

Lexington city officials are expected to take up new noise related regulations later this summer.  The report comes in the form of a draft ordinance developed by a special task force.

A special task force hammered out a significantly expanded noise ordinance.  The draft ordinance addresses loud music emitting from vehicles.  Police could cite a driver for sounds heard ten feet from the vehicle.  Urban County Council and task force member, Tom Blues says the current reg prohibits such sounds outside 50 feet.

“Enforcement of the noise ordinance in regard to car stereos is much strengthened,” said Blues.

Blues says the revised noise ordinance also calls for a new board to consider unresolved complaints and variance requests.

The councilman says it’s important to develop downtown entertainment venues.  Still, there must be limitations on sounds emitting from these businesses

“There needs to be a balance between the interests of the entertainment groups and entities and the downtown residents themselves,” added Blues.

Blues says it’s not unheard of to post decibel level warnings inside entertainment venues.  Blues says this ordinance doesn’t go that far.

“For various reasons we decided we wouldn’t have a decibel level system.  Now in the variance process, a variance could be granted using decibel measurements,” said Blues.

Blues says a public hearing will be scheduled in the next few months.  He doesn’t anticipate any council consideration until after the summer break.