New Midway President Welcomed to Town

Dec 4, 2012

Midway College this morning greeted its new president. A little rain didn’t dampen the fanfare for Doctor John Marsden.   Members of the Midway College community lined what’s called the ‘Path of Opportunity’ which links the campus to the city of Midway.  Accompanied by bag pipes and professors dressed in their academic gowns, Marsden and his wife Margaret proceeded along the path to a podium at Pinkerton Hall.

There, the tenth president of the small private school addressed the crowd.

“When my sister shared the press release announcing my selection as the next president of Midway College her young sons, my eight year old nephew said,  ‘Will Uncle John be president of the United States next?’  Needless to say, I had to give him a call and realign his expectations,” said Marsden.

Marsden comes to Midway from North Carolina’s Barton College where he served as Provost and Vice President.  He says the top job at Midway got his attention because it serves a diverse group of students.  Lawrenceburg student Madison Glissen was among those people welcoming Marsden to the Bluegrass.  She’s a part of Midway’s Equine program.

“I just want to see good chances in the Equine department and more support, because I feel like here lately we haven’t been getting the support we need. 

Does that mean money? asked Weku’s Stu Johnson.

 We’ll no, not moneywise, just everything.”

Marsden promises to build on a momentum created by interim college president Robert Vogel.  The new presidents believes that starts with getting out and about on campus.

“One way you try to do that in the beginning is just by being visible on campus.  Making sure that you are there during the day time when offices are open, classes are in session, but also being a part of the events that take place,” said Marsden.

Marsden officially begins his new job in February. Long time president William Drake resigned from Midway College last March.