New Litter Law Moving in Lexington

Sep 28, 2012

A proposed law that makes littering a civil violation will go before Lexington’s full council for a vote.  By making it a civil violation, Patricia Knight, who chairs “Keep Lexington Beautiful,” says the city could prosecute more litter bugs.  “People make the choice to litter, they should take the responsibility for it,” said Knight.   Knight says most littering cases currently don’t result in punishment.  She says the change would ease criminal prosecutions, but not eliminate them altogether.

 “We’re gonna take them away from being prosecuted rapists and murderers and those class of criminals and move them into the civil system where they’re against items like parking violations and traffic violations,” added Knight. Knight would like to see the new law go into effect in January. Council member Kevin Stinnett supports the move. “I know it’s a growing problem in our community and we get lots of complaints about it, especially at our intersections and storm drains, which are important things to keep clean,” said Stinnett. Knight says fines would range from 50-to-750 dollars.  A hearing board would be set up to consider appeals.