New Home for Diabetes Education Program

May 28, 2013

Credit Madison County Health Department

A diabetes education program offered at the Madison County Health Department is moving to Baptist Health Richmond Hospital.   For seven years, the Health Department has been home to the Diabetes Center of Excellence Program.  It’s a casualty of state budget cuts.  But, Madison Health Department Spokeswoman Christie Green says the Richmond hospital is picking up the service.

“They’ll be providing most all of the services that we had provided as far as education and counseling and they’ll actually be expanding somewhat into some areas where we had not offered so much education such as gestational diabetes,” said Green.

Green says the all important preventive piece of diabetes related health care includes eye and foot examinations.   Green says diabetes education covers a lot of ground.

“This diabetes education may not seem as important as taking your insulin or taking your metformin, but in the long term it’s critical that a person with diabetes get a plan for avoiding these long term complications.  It has a significant impact on their quality of life,” added Green.

Green says the health department will still provide financial assistance for low income uninsured citizens who need this counseling.  Classes at Baptist Health Richmond Hospital will get underway in July.