New Circle-Harrodsburg Ramp Reopens

Traffic’s again normal at the exit ramp on the inner loop ramp of New Circle at Harrodsburg Road in Lexington. At least as normal as things can be in a construction zone.  “It’s still a construction zone so it's not going to look nice and pretty and all that,” said Bob Nunley who's with the Kentucky Transporation Cabinet.

The ramp, which as been closed since Thursday,  reopened this morning at 6:00 am.  It’s part of a major overhaul of that intersection. The ramp may be open to traffic, but Nunley, adds much work remains.

"And there’s temporary striping down. There’s a lot of activity out there with construction vehicles and al this equipment sitting out there and the pipe.  It’s a normal…it’s a mess, which you expect with a construction project, but there’s no way around that,” said Nunley.

Work continues on Harrodsburg Road area all summer.  The new Double Crossover Diamond Interchange should be complete by Labor Day.

“There’ll be new asphalt down, striping down. It just won’t look like the permanent fix that we’re proposing out here,” said Nunley."


The permanent fix won’t be complete until the end of August with additional work expected into November.