Neighbors Provide Immediate Tornado Assistance

Mar 4, 2012

The people of eastern Kentucky are mobilizing to help their neighbors. A group of churches in Mount Sterling is collecting relief supplies for the people of nearby West Liberty.  Organizing the effort is city Public Works Director Steve Lane.  A work crew led by Lane cleared a path into West Liberty on Friday evening, just after the Tornado struck.

“We left out of here with the Mayor, and five police officers and seven vehicles from my department, headed to Menifee County. They said that they were in pretty good shape.  They suggested we were probably much more needed in West Liberty. So we headed onto West Liberty up 460,” said Lane

Currently Lane, along with volunteers, is loading a tractor-trailer with relief supplies.Lane says the people of West Liberty have lost their homes, their cars and their jobs. Lane says it’s the worst disaster he has seen and he provided relief just after Hurricane Katrina.  Lane says Mount Sterling saw little or no storm damage, and can act as a staging area for relief efforts.