NBA Again Earns 'A' Grade In Diversity Study

Jun 16, 2011

An annual report released by the University of Central Florida's Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport found that the NBA continues to be a leader when it comes to gender and racial diversity.

The AP reports the institute gave the NBA its highest-ever combined score of 92.2 — an A-plus for race and an A-minus for gender.

It is the only men's pro sports league with that high a grade.

Here are some highlights from the AP's report of the study:

-- 42 percent of the professional positions in the NBA are held by women.

-- 36 percent are held by people of color.

-- 83 percent of the league's players were people of color.

-- 78 percent were African-American.

-- In the top office, 22 percent of senior administrative positions were held by minorities.

-- Women held 27 percent of those positions.

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