Natural Gas Supply Strong

Mar 16, 2012

Natural gas is in good supply these days.  Distributors in Kentucky like Columbia Natural Gas built up their supply last summer.  And, the relatively warm winter means less natural gas was consumed.  Still, Columbia Gas spokeswoman Lisa Smith says the average consumer won’t see a big drop in the monthly rate.

“Not on delivery rates, on our set delivery rates that cover the cost of actually making natural gas available..our 24 hour emergency service, and things of that nature…those rates are established through a formal rate case with the public service once those rates are put into affect they do not change until we go in and request a change,” said Smith.

Public Service Commission spokesman Andrew Melnykovych says the mild winter coupled with new ‘shale gas’ reserves and lower industrial demand all worked to stabilize prices.

“From the individual consumer’s perspective..the biggest factor if you’re if you have an unsually warm winter..the biggest thing they’re gonna see is just gonna be a reduction in how much gas they use and that’s gonna have, by far, the biggest impact on their bill,” said Melnykovych.

Still, Melnykovych says it’s possible Kentucky will see lower natural gas prices next fall.