Natural Gas Fueling Station Interest at City Hall

Sep 18, 2012

Opening up Lexington to natural gas filling stations was a point of discussion today at City Hall.  With natural gas cheap and plentiful, it’s prompting interest among some motorists.  Council member Bill Farmer has heard a lot of buzz about the potential of natural gas as a cheap, clean-burning fuel.  “I just became familiar with it from a couple of conversations in terms of how much natural gas there is here naturally and how many pipelines this state and this part of the state to supply natural gas to other parts of the country,” said Farmer.

Planning Director Chris King was asked to investigate ways to establish natural gas fueling stations.

“We don’t find anything and the literature doesn’t seem to suggest these are any more dangerous than a traditional service station.   In fact, some of the literature seems to suggest even less so because it’s a higher ignition point for this fuel source than there is for gasoline in terms of temperature and things like that,” added King.

One possibility would allow natural gas filling stations in Lexington’s business and industrial neighborhoods.  Council member Kevin Stinnett wants to open up the discussion to other, interested parties.

"Not just look at it from a zoning standpoint but maybe the council inviting Columbia gas, Ford, we buy most of vehicles and buses are Ford.  The local Ford dealers may have an interest in this.  May have an interest in setting up the station,” said Stinnett.

Chris King says a compressed natural gas station could prove useful at first to the operators of trucks, buses, and other fleet vehicles.