Nascar Scene in Lexington

Jul 6, 2011

Kentucky’s first Nascar Sprint Cup Race isn’t until Saturday.  But,  the racing frenzy is being felt far ahead of the competition and far away from the northern Kentucky track.

It wasn’t the roar of the nascar vehicles that race car fans heard in the parking lot..  It was the sound of idling trucks that transport race cars as they waited Wednesday in a Lexington parking lot.  Daytona, Florida native Ron Utter works on the cars and drives the truck which holds the Toyota driven by Tony Raines.  Utter says actual race cars rarely leave their trucks…and are only seen at the track.

“I’ll be honest with you.  Those are racecars and the boss man would be very upset if they’d come out for anything other than the race…that’s what the show cars are for,” said Utter.

Utter says their race crew is comprised of five guys including the owner.  He says the owner is the engine man and general manager.  The number 37 truck contained the Toyota which is expected to be driven Saturday Night by Tony Raines.

Lexington residents Jerry Johnson and Clyde Whitt took in the colorful trucks.  Both have tickets for Saturday night's Kentucky Speedway race in Sparta.  Johnson says serious race injuries are relatively rare…

“And when he’s in the seat, he has to depend on his spotters to tell him who’s on either side of him and behind.  He can’t see except straight ahead.,” added Johnson.

Saturday's NASCAR Sprint Cup race is Kentucky's first. It was made possible with an expansion of Kentucky Speedway, funded, in part, with incentives provided by state taxpayers.