Mural, Food Trucks Key To Plan For Lexington's Revitalization

Sep 22, 2013

The creation of a public mural on a wall adjacent to City Hall has been presented to Lexington’s council. Danny Mayer, who publishes a community newspaper, says the proposal is the compilation of ideas submitted by Lexington residents.

Credit Angela Baldridge / Lexington Herald Leader

“You know, I’m not an artist.  I would love personally to see something like a Diego Rivero style telling of this area’s history from one thousand to the present or something,” said Mayer.

In addition to the mural, Mayer says food trucks could gather under the Martin Luther King Viaduct, across from the Lexington Transit Center.

“It’s seems like a great place, if you’re a Lextran rider to come off and have food options right there.  Now, granted, not every Lextran riders is gonna want to go buy something at food trucks, but at least you’re getting people who are flowing through and past you.  That might help the food trucks out.  It might give a little bit of vibrancy that the city is wanting and it’s really in a space the city doesn’t really use at all.  It’s empty most of the day,” added Mayer.

Lexington Mayor Jim Gray welcomes such public involvement, but is not ready to endorse the concept.

“The best projects are the ones where we bring together those who have a professional experience and then we engage the citizens who care,” said Gray.

Gray says ideas like these illustrate how much people care about downtown Lexington.