A Move to Bring Goats Into the City

Feb 14, 2012

A move to allow a few more farm animals inside city limits is under discussion in Lexington.  An ordinance that permits goats and pigs is under review by a council committee.   Lara Doth de-Martinez is a member of the newly formed Bluegrass Goat Justice League. “They can provide milk, they can provide fiber if you get a fiber goat..companionship..a lot of entertainment..and if one so chooses a source of meat as well,” said de-Martinez.

Among the residents who would like to see more small animals in Lexington neighborhoods is Curtis Caldwell.  Caldwell, who’s an agriculture sustainability major at the University of Kentucky, today addressed the Urban County Council’s Planning and Public Safety Committee.   Caldwell says goats can do a lot of lawn maintenance.

“They take down poison ivy..graze on invasive species..they’re usually light on grass so it allows grass to grow back so they can help with curing and maintaining neglected land and stuff,” added Caldwell.

De-Martinez says there are currently some 70 members in the Goat Justice League.  She believes there should be limits on the size and number of goats allowed within Lexington’s urban area. The council committee opted to study the issue further.