A Move to Bring Alcohol Back to UK's Campus

Apr 24, 2014

UK Student Government President Roshan Palli
Credit kykernel.com

The University of Kentucky plans to relax it’s on- campus alcohol policy for students of legal drinking age.  The specifics of how the alcohol consumption policy will change are still to be worked out.  The announcement came from UK President Eli Capilouto.  He took recommendations from a student health and safety workgroup. 

UK Student Government President Roshan  Palli served on the panel.  He views it as a step in the right direction.  “At a university you want an opportunity to explore, you know different things, especially when they’re over 21.  So, by basically bringing that on campus what we’re saying is, you know, that’s something that is related to us, it’s something we want to worry about, but I think it’s important to educate our students about alcohol and to help them develop safe habits for the rest of their lives,” said Palli.

An implementation committee will meet and May and is expected to work throughout the summer.  Several recommendations could go into effect in the fall.  A ban on alcohol has been in place for the Lexington campus since 1997.

Palli believes alcohol consumption may someday be allowed in certain student housing facilities.  “I think that if they identify certain residence halls that will be primarily upper classmen of students that are above age 21 I think there’s definitely a possibility the residence halls, certain residence halls could have a more lax alcohol policy,” added Palli.

Palli hopes the revised alcohol policy can be implemented by the beginning of the fall semester.  The report also calls for extending the Code of Student Conduct beyond the campus boundaries.