Morning Shots: Jon Stewart Bleeds And Laurence Fishburne Leaves

Jun 8, 2011

On last night's The Daily Show, Jon Stewart got a little too enthusiastic with a segment satirizing Rep. Anthony Weiner's ugly press conference from Monday afternoon. Stewart wound up accidentally slicing his wrist open and needing to be bandaged. Hulu-enabled viewers can see the segment here, but the bottom line is that if a blender is malfunctioning, you don't hit it really hard with a glass.

With the Tony Awards coming this weekend, The Los Angeles Times has an interesting look at how much it can help a musical not just to win a Tony, but to get a number into the telecast.

Laurence Fishburne, who joined CSI after original star William Petersen departed in late 2008, is leaving the show after two and a half seasons, according to With CSI changing time slots this fall, they may be on the hunt for a big name to take over and keep things going — but I have to remind them, Ashton Kutcher is taken.

What would you really like to have if you're going to make a movie about Beatles manager Brian Epstein? You'd like to have Beatles music rights. And the producer of the upcoming biopic The Fifth Beatle says he has managed to make a deal.

You know how endless the part of the Emmys broadcast gets when they're doing miniseries and movies? Well, this year, the respectable number of movies and the generally small number of miniseries will go head-to-head for a single Emmy. (Speaking solely for myself, if Downton Abbey loses to some ponderous HBO thing about the news of the day, I'm going to be really mad.)

Director Richard Donner talks to The Wrap about the 1978 Superman (just now coming out on Blu-ray), casting Christopher Reeve and why Marlon Brando wouldn't mind being replaced by a bagel (really!). (via Vulture)

There's speculation, and then there's Shia LaBeouf thinking a fifth Indiana Jones movie is probably not far away, given that Harrison Ford says he goes to the gym.

If you're one of those people who's very, very insistent that nobody ever throw away a book no matter what, please volunteer to pay the costs of storing and sorting the 350,000 books this Canadian woman took custody of after her overwhelmed neighbor said she couldn't handle them and was going to burn them.

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