More Rainy Waves Anticipated

Jul 5, 2013


Instead of fireworks, lightning will likely light up the skies over the Commonwealth this holiday weekend.  Rain and thunderstorms remain a strong possibility.  So far in 20-13, much of Kentucky has experienced cool, damp weather conditions.  Still, on Wednesday of this week, University of Kentucky Agricultural Meteorologist Matt Dixon said it was dryer than it was in 20-11.

“It was actually the wettest year on record for Kentucky.  I think the state averaged 64 inches that year.  Now, we seen a wet year this year, but looking at the data, we’re still nine inches behind the pace 2011 was on,” said Dixon.

Heavy rains on the Fourth of July have reduced that difference.

A year ago this week, much of the Commonwealth was sweating it out with record high temperatures of over 100 degrees.  Plus, there were drought conditions that devastated western Kentucky wheat and corn growers.   Wheat and soybean growers are still concerned this summer.

“66 percent of the wheat has been harvested and compare that to the five year average of 84 percent for this time of year.  So, the wheat harvest is behind and in turn that’s delaying double crop soybeans from going in the ground,” added  Dixon.

Western Kentucky’s corn crop appears to be coming along much better than last year.